Propose Ideas

Entrepreneurial Ideas

Entrepreneurs create jobs, create prosperity and economic growth through start-ups. iPowerz introduces entrepreneurs to potential financiers and financial institutions for successfully raising funds. iPowerz also empowers entrepreneurs by providing them with tools to communicate their ideas to financiers by creating smart and optimal business plans.

Business Growth Ideas

If you have an existing business, and need support to expand the operations of your company, you can post your project ideas on iPowerz and seek funding from financial institutions in the form of a business loan or raise capital from our large network of venture capitalists, angel financiers and HNIs.

Non-Profit Ideas

iPowerz enables you to post non-profit ideas and seek financial support for implementing them. These are projects that improve the life of other people and are not driven by profit-making motives. For example, if you are an NGO that requires financial support for one of your non-profit projects, you can propose it on iPowerz and seek funding. We will help with your plans to make them robust. We demonstrate trust to all our social stakeholders by providing features to track and get updates on project delivery and implementation.

Nation Building Ideas

iPowerz enables you to post nation building ideas that you believe can help nation building by helping your region, district, town or village. If you identify a problem that people in your community are facing and have an idea about resolving it, iPowerz will enable you to post your idea and get support from around the world to implement it.