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I am pleased to introduce iPowerz to you.

As the Bhagawad Gita declares, every individual is inherently divine (mamaivamsho jeevaloke jeevabutah sanathanah), and in every human heart, there is a spark of creativity that can, given a chance, lighten the world around it. Very often, however, this spark remains buried deep within, unable to express itself, ignored, and forgotten.

iPowerz is founded with a vision to foster this potential inherent in every human heart, and accelerate global progress into economic prosperity by ensuring that every individual has an opportunity to succeed by realizing his innermost creative potential.

iPowerz is a unique world stage for everyone to share their creative ideas, entrepreneurial projects, or their nation building aspirations to find partners or get support from financiers, professionals and other supportive individuals from around the world. Our dream is to enable individuals with progressive ideas to succeed and be winners by connecting them to the resources needed to accomplish their vision.

iPowerz will enable people to showcase their ideas and plans. It will serve as a stage for collaboration, as individuals from around the world can forge partnerships with the people behind those ideas to jointly take them forward, and bring them to fruition. iPowerz will ensure integrity and confidence by ensuring that these projects are successfully executed

Bless us that we succeed in enabling every human heart script a success story, where every individual can celebrate being truly empowered. Together we can accomplish this dream of making a billion dreams come true. On behalf of team iPowerz, we welcome you as you join us for creating a truly empowered planet.

Dr. T Jagannadha Pawan