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Democratise capitalism to create prosperity for all.


We believe the world needs more people to flourish. With the top 1% of start-ups getting greatest attention and investment, the remaining 99% rarely get investment and support. iPowerz wants to make a difference by engaging and nurturing entrepreneurship and innovation of the 99% to create prosperity across the board.

What we do

We provide a global digital entrepreneurship ecosystem for Business Incubators and Accelerators, Angel Investor Groups and Non-banking Financial Companies, Growth Hubs, Professional Service Providers, Universities, and NGOs to accelerate grassroots entrepreneurship and innovation. We connect individuals with creative ideas, entrepreneurial aspirations, or non-profit projects with investors, mentors, and professionals to jointly bring their projects to fruition.

iPowerz fast-tracks value creation of:


iPowerz takes business incubation to the next level by offering existing incubators a one stop digital platform for their start-ups to secure funding or professional skills. It allows the incubators and accelerators to streamline and scale-up their activities. Also, incubators located in rural areas can get ready access to a wealth of resources and connections that are not easy to physically access.


iPowerz uniquely offers trustworthy projects to potential investors for potential investment. The ecosystem is based on a blended system of checks and balances that ensures that investors can be confident that they are investing in genuine projects that are validated and have further support.


Skill parks, where individuals develop their skills to increase their employability, can benefit from the recruitment opportunities in iPowerz. Individual users from the skill parks can connect with other stakeholders in the ecosystem to partner with them or work for them. The skill parks can use iPowerz as a platform for placing their mentees and allowing them to partner with new start-ups and scale-ups.


iPowerz connects professional service providers with potential customers like start-ups, scale-ups, investors and so on. It offers them new avenues for gaining customers.


iPowerz allows NGOs supporting rural development, entrepreneurship and innovation to post projects of rural entrepreneurs and innovators to the platform. Such NGOs can accelerate their support for end users through the platform.

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For joining the iPowerz entrepreneurship ecosystem, contact us or email us at support@ipowerz.com