About Us


All are welcome to be a part of iPowerz, a global stage where people with ideas and projects can showcase them to the world. For example:

  • Entrepreneurs planning to launch new start-ups or grow existing businesses
  • Individuals with nation building ideas
  • Non-profit social workers in need of funds
  • Individuals with project ideas that can help their villages and towns
  • People with progressive ideas than can improve the lives of other people

Can Connect with

  • Financiers looking to establish confident and trustable partnerships
  • Banks and financial institutions who wish to fund new clients
  • Individuals who wish to offer financial support
  • Professionals who wish to work for these projects

Join us, and we will together create a truly empowered planet.

If you need support to pitch your ideas, our large network of integrators will help you come onboard. If you wish to become an integrator, please contact us at support@ipowerz.com